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Here goes…

Posted on: July 11, 2009

I can’t speak at the moment, but I can write – so I figure this’ll be a good way to stop all my thoughts whirring around my head.

That, and more importantly, to feel like people can hear me – even if it’s not my voice they’re listening to.

The slightest accident seems to have had the biggest impact upon my life. Crazy really.

Either way, as difficult as it’s made life, it’s been an incredibly eye-opening experience. An experience I may as well share, because prior to hitting my head and causing the stammer, language problems and speechlessness – I would never have imagined that people would react and respond as they have done: in some cases for better, but in many for the worse.

A friend suggested I write about all of this; I’ve thought about it, and it seems a good idea. So here’s stammerheadshark – my story of learning to live with an acquired neurological stammer.

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