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Posted on: July 15, 2009

Hell, some people are absolute idiots, you know?

Yesterday, some dippy driving instructor(!) nearly ran me over in the city centre and then had the gaul – despite being in the wrong – to have a full on argument wth me in the street.

Add to that the fact, I was pretty upset by the incident and also that arguing with a stammer’s pretty difficult at the best of times to get your point across and you’ll probably have an idea of what it was like.

To clarify, before you think I’m a wreckless cyclist whose fault it was I’d just nearly been run over, I’ll explain……this street in particular is one way – like many in the city centre to aid traffic flow – however there’s a CLEARLY marked contraflow lane (with big bloomin signs several times down the street) for cyclists to use in order to get around the city more quickly and safely.

So this daft woman hurtles down the one way street in her car and literally pulls in to park in the contraflow cycle lane about 1 metre in front of my oncoming bike. No indication, no acknowledgement that I was even there.

Dangerous enough as it was, there was a high kerb to one side of me and an onecoming vehicle right behind which left me with no direction to go in.

As you might expect anyone to be, I was SEETHING. Not aided by the fact that she then started to shout out the window at me that it was “a one-way street”.

Now, not that she was to know this but, when I get upset or shocked etc, my speech has a tendency to just disappear – which is not particularly useful when you want to give someone a right rollicking for being a dick.

Added to that the issue of strangers not being able to understand me very well because they’re no used to hearing a stammer – so all in all,it was pretty difficult to respond to her shouting at me.

I got there though! Geez, did she know about it. I managed to babble (despite the stutter) at her how it wasn’t actually one-way if she’d managed to take notice of the several signs down the road, that she as a driving instructor should know better, and that if I hadn’t managed to stop in time I was sure her insurance company would have set her straight about who had priority in a cycle lane – unsurprisingly, the cyclist!

I doubt it did any good. She just kept shouting back at me that it was a  one-way street and that I was in the wrong, so any argument I was (desperately!) trying to make probably got lost in her shouting over me.

Stupid woman. In a way though, I’m just glad I managed to stand up for myself, however hard it was to do under the circumstances.

So, if you’re thinking of taking driving lessons with a woman called Pinky’s in Leicester – don’t. She’s a wreckless moron.

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