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Finally! Not quite so alone…

Posted on: July 16, 2009

Two things had been bugging me.

One, my blog roll was looking decidedly empty but after looking at different sites on the internet I’d kind of got disheartened by the blogs on stuttering/stammering out there. They all see to be by people trying to sell you some magical cure for stammering – not great.

As my speech therapist said when I first met her, if there was a cure out there they’d give it to everyone who needed it and speech therapists would be out of their jobs and not trying desperately to help people manage their speech. Fair point.

Secondly, and probably more importantly for me, I’d been frustrated by the distinct lack of availability to find people who’re going through the same things that I am.

As I’ve said on more than one occasion, it’s been tremendously isolating acquiring this stammer, learning to live with it, and encountering just how small-minded some people can be.

Well, no more! Last night I (literally) stumbled across the Facebook equivalent for stutterers. Boy, are they hidden away?! You’d think they’d have a high profile  – but they appear nowhere in the Google page-ranking scheme of things. Shame, because it’s exactly what I’ve spent several months looking for.

I’d gone onto to see if they had anyone web based I could get in touch with, and then found a sneaky link to stutteringcantstopme tucked away in amongst it all which I clicked.

Major “Eureka” moment. So I signed up and left a couple of posts and replies to others, so far so good. Only problem is the community that uses it don’t seem to be frequent flyers, if you know what I mean. The discussion threads barely seem to get updated.

Hopefully something will come of it, as it seems too good a resource to waste. Either way, they seriously need some “Google-Juice” as my boss would put it, to bump them up the page rankings so others can find them. I’m hoping a place on a blog roll might be a good start.

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