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“It’s a bad line – I can’t understand what you’re saying”

Posted on: July 17, 2009

That’s what a client said over the phone yesterday, and the bad line was my stammer-filled speech.

Probably the most polite way of putting it that I’ve encountered yet; certainly better than beng hung up on or having someone shout down the phone “are you taking the pi**?” – You’ve got to love the social skills of taxi firms…or not.

But it raised an interesting point; the client had assumed that there was a bad connection over the landline phone because my speech wasn’t clear; and in his eyes, what other reason could there be?

People don’t usually sound intermittent in their everyday speech but poor line connections are an everyday occurance. Although in this case, it wasn’t – it was just me.  And he wasn’t to know – he’s never met me.

My point is this, if bad connections are an everyday hindrance to communication that we just readily accept – when will that be the case for people readily accepting a severe repetitious stutter? Is it just the case that it’s something people rarely encounter? Probably.

And in a way, it’s kind of a nice way of thinking about it all perhaps – to disassociate myself from it all from time to time.

That the effects of the stammer aren’t anything really to do with me as a person – although it often feels like that – but instead are just a break down in communication that nobody can do anything about; but that that’s okay, I can just find another way to get my point across instead.

And you know what, it kind of does make me feel a lot better about it.

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