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At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m beyond cross. Guess whose speech has gone into hiding again? Bingo!  I think someone up there is playing one cruel joke. I really do.

I’ve had a really rough day; the worst night’s sleep on record last night, first day back at work after having swine flu (major shock to the system – I ache all over), rude people ringing up and informing me that “something’s wrong with the telephone connection” when I pick up, and then British Gas…

British Gas and their sodding voice recognition telephone services. Annoying at the best of times, but throw in a severe stammer and that computer’s got no clue what you’re trying to tell it.

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Ugh. I really couldn’t feel any rougher right now. It’s been a crappy month, it really has.

Not only have I lost my speech twice (for a week each time), but I’ve gone and caught swine flu too and am now off work until I’m no longer contagious.

Fortunately my boyfriend’s caught it too so at least we’re being poorly together – but when you’re feeling under the weather and neither of you feels like cooking there’s only so much crap food you can eat.

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Well, I’m not quite Madonna but things have settled back down again.

No more babysitting, no more lack of internet, no more loss of speech and back to work after a week off.

After my speech disappearing again last Monday, it stayed in hiding until the Friday; and then just magically started to come back again. Sometimes I have no idea what my head is playing at, some kind of jape whatever it is.

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